The Man behind The Black Hole Lab

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One of the core values of the Black Hole Lab is having a transparent communication with the film community. Here, we would like to record a short ‘interview’ with the man behind the creation of the film lab.

Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Hi, I’m Brendon, the founder of the Black Hole Lab. Some of the film community in Malaysia would have known me as “Abang Duck” from The Duckroom as I replied to them via email or on social media. I would say I have an adequate passion for the film industry and would like to be part of the film revival movement in Malaysia and abroad.

Since you mentioned about it briefly, why did you leave The Duckroom?

The Duckroom holds a very special place in my heart. I say this with pride as I would say I pioneered the idea (even the name). Every piece of the Duckroom, was meticulously designed by me and I am very proud of what the Duckroom has become today.

Going back to the question, Covid-19 has been a challenging time for many businesses, there are many decisions that needs to be made, new directions that needs to be decided. In short, there was a clash between ideas and how the film lab should proceed. I bit the bullet and decided that it is best for both The Duckroom and I, that I should leave. It was agreed mutually and I assure you that there is no bad blood between us.

Then why start The Black Hole Lab?

When I begin on the journey of launching my previous film lab, there are a lot of ideas that are left floating that I want to try out in Malaysia. Starting a lab on my own will also allow me the full creative decision and the ultimate say on how I would like The Black Hole to move forward in the future. I think, it is an honest attempt of doing the things I dreamed of. Of course, this time it is my own money is on the line.

Where do you plan to see The Black Hole Lab in the future?

I hope the lab worked out. It is always my dream to contribute to build and strengthen the film community. The Black Hole Lab should provide a platform for creatives (especially analogue ones, like film photographers) to elevate their knowledge, connections, opportunities, and approaches to the craft. I would like The Black Hole Lab to cater to the needs of photographers who want to hone their skill and would like to take the craft more seriously.

Art is very subjective but I really believe that it takes serious dedication, commitment and constant practice to achieve what the photographer really wants. While the photographer work on behind the photo, The Black Hole will handle the rest as a dependable partner in the pursuit of perfection. That’s all I really want to see in the coming years.

What’s next for The Black Hole Lab?

We will be posting more updates soon on our film lab. We are really excited and nervous in showing you the place. Hopefully we can begin operations in January 2022 and we will take things step by step from there. Stay updated, there are more to come. Go beyond!