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Our Story


Our Origin Story

At the initial stages when we decided to start a film lab, the naming process was surprising quick and went with Black Hole. We felt that it is very apt with what we are trying to do and promote. Learning photography at its essence is like a blackhole that keeps sucking us in deeper and deeper.

We felt that naming our lab the Black hole lab really suit the unending nature of film photography. Even as technology grows and new techniques emerge, film photography never really died. It is exciting. The idea of capturing and trapping light on silver crystals on film and making it into a proper print can be done without any digital intervention is just remarkable.

Photography itself is a thorough process of absorbing light (kinda like a black hole) through either film, photo sensitive paper or digital sensors. However, instead of nothingness and emptiness, the silver crystals that absorb the light can be turned into beautiful moments and memories.

Thus, we decided on the name of our small lab (also an extension of our passion and love). We hope to be able to become an extension of passion for all photographers. Regardless of film or digital, even if you are not that into photography, we hope that we can be the partner that the film community is looking for through their photography / life journey.



Every company has its own founding story, justifying its existence and purpose in this massive universe. The very same for our humble film lab, the Blackhole Lab. The Blackhole Lab is founded by Brendon Leong, a very passionate and curious person with a seemingly unending thirst for knowledge.
As years of shooting digital grows, the passion he once had for photography felt stagnant and unable to push him further. This was when he stumbled across film photography.
Initially seen as a passing fad, film photography, somewhat became like a metaphorical black hole that seems to suck him deeper and deeper into the art form. Grabbing his Mamiya RZ67, he has 10 shots and no redos. Every frame matters. Cliche but true, a film photographer needs to take in consideration the light, the composition the limitation of the film, the camera and the environment.
Also known by the film community in Malaysia as “Abang Duck”, Brendon was highly involved in his first venture into the film lab industry, starting The Duckroom.
Fast forward to 2021, Brendon believes that whether through darkroom print, or digital scans the film community needs a film lab that serves the community with passion. 
“I’m very stressed, I think I need a photo session.” Brendon.


202103298073 (TR0250917-W)

9 Jalan Bijaksana
Taman Abad 80250
Johor Bahru

12:00PM - 6:00PM  Tuesday off


Hong Leong Bank


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